We would like to thank our wonderful sponsors and individuals that have donated money and / or prizes in order to help us raise money for Charity. Also, to let you know what we have done with the money raised so far !!

DONATIONS "Hall of Fame" ($50 or greater)


Snedden Hall & Gallop Lawyers - $500 - Stomp 28 (Heroes vs Villains, July 2016) - Rotary International Project and Canberra Refugees

Nitzan Azran - $440 - Stomp 22 (Fairytales, February 2011) - Qld Flood Appeal. Nitzan (Ceroc Canberra) donated all profits from his Ceroc dance party to Stomp !!

Jumptown - $500 - Stomp 19 (Gangster Ball, March 2010) - Shelter for Haiti families

Dave Meeks - $200 - Stomp 17 (Heroes vs Villains, September 2009) - Pegasus Riding for the Disabled & the Rotary Timor project

Mark Farrell - $150 - Stomp 16 (Cirque de Stomp, April 2009) - Victorian Bush Fire Victims

Mark Farrell - $150 - Stomp 14 (Titanic Ball, July 2008) - Olivia Lambert Appeal

SMI Fitout Pty Ltd www.smigroup.com.au - $200 - Stomp 14 (Titanic Ball, July 2008) - Olivia Lambert Appeal

Nitzan Azran - $150 - Stomp 12 (Vegas Fever, November 2007) - CanTeen. Nitzan (Ceroc Canberra) donated all profits from his Ceroc dance party 12/10/07 to Stomp !!

Alastair Tomkins - $100 - Stomp 11 (Swingin'Sixties, September 2007) - CanTeen & GROW

Ian Johnston - $100 - Stomp 9 (Victory in Europe Day, 17th February 2007) - CanTeen & the Rotary District Drought Appeal

Andrew Leonard - $300 - Stomp 6 (One Night in Vegas, May 2006) - CanTeen.

Annie Sloane - $50 - Stomp 6 (One Night in Vegas, May 2006) - CanTeen.

Tony Haley - $300 - Stomp 6 (One Night in Vegas, May 2006) - CanTeen.

John Donnellen - $300 - Stomp 6 (One Night in Vegas, May 2006) - CanTeen.

Nitzan Azran - $445 - Stomp 5 (Academy Awards, March 2006) - CanTeen. Nitzan from Ceroc Canberra kindly donated all profits from the Ceroc Canberra Christmas party 2005 to this Stomp -- well done Nitzan :)

Nitzan Azran - $100 - Stomp 3 - Arthritis Foundation

Ben Benedictos- $50 - Stomp 1 - Tsunami disaster


Stompin Friday 1. 28th January 2005. $4,000 - Tsunami disaster
Supported by the wonderful music of Annie and the Armedillos. The $4000 raised from Stomp1 (January 2005) had a wonderful snow ball effect. This money was topped up by the Rotary Club of Canberra Burley Griffin to US$3725 then sent to their Rotary Sister Club in Kandy Sri Lanka to purchase a fishing boat (including outboard and nets) for a family in a fishing village devastated by the tsunami. On 16 June the President of the Rotary Club of Kandy, Shamil Peiris, advised that our contribution was pooled with funds raised locally, and a matching grant (No. 55540) from the Rotary Foundation. The total raised, including the matching grant, totalled a whopping US$24,000!! This resulted in 15 fishing boats plus support for Tsunami Orphaned children. The boats have since been delivered last August 2005 and a plaque has been attached to 6 boats.

Stompin Friday 2. 29th April 2005. $2,000 - CanTeen
Stomp2 was again supported by a 7 piece Annie and the Armadillos. CanTeen is a great organisation helping young people living with cancer (aged 12 - 24). The $2,000 we donated was put to good use running their CanTeen's Winter Camp entitled"Barriers We Face - The Man from Snowy River" held in Cooma (11-15 July 2005). Winter Camp provides an opportunity for CanTeen members to link together, socialise, share their experiences and create lasting bonds with other young people living with cancer. A total of 39 Members attended the camp (24 from the ACT & Southern NSW Division and 15 from Tasmania). Some of the activities set to challenge Members on camp included, rope climbing and buggy driving, tobogganing, scrap booking their memories, and, of course?ERock'n' Roll dancing, as requested by those Members who attended Stomp2. See www.canteen.org.au for more information. 

Stompin Friday 3. 19th August 2005. $1,000 - Athritis Foundation
This time we were supported by a 7 piece band called The Agents. Stomp3 raised over $1,000 to the ACT Athritis Foundation.

Stompin at the Ritz. 5th November 2005. $1,000 - Eden Monaro Cancer Support Group
Stompin at the Ritz (or Stomp4) was a real hoot. The "Radium Club Hepsters" came down from Sydney this time to support our cause. This time we raised $1,000 for the Eden Monaro Cancer Support Group. The popularity of Stomp is still going strong !!
Hollywood Stomp. 4th March 2006. $1,000 - CanTeen
Our theme "Academy Awards" was a real hit... a great excuse to glam up and dress as your favourite Hollywood star. The "Radium Club Hepsters" were again the centre of attention, this time as a 6 piece. We raised $1,000 for CanTeen.

One Night in Vegas. 20th May 2006. $2,650 - CanTeen
Wow... what a night, the entertainment was jammed packed, sporting a 20 piece Big Band "Blamey St Conexion" along with the star himself "Elvis" (Andrew Lennerd), "Frank Sinatra" (Tony Haley), "Dean Martin" (John Donnellen), and of course the great Annie Sloane all on vocals. over 275 people attended bringing a whopping $2,650 in for CanTeen.

Assignment at Casino Royale. 26th August 2006. $2,500 - CanTeen
Bullets full of fun... We again hosted the fantastic 20 piece Big Band "Blamey St Conexion" along with the incredibly "International man of mystery" Austin Powers who hosted the night. The mission was to break the banks at Casino Royale, "M" was there to greet you at the door to issue our guests with a handfull of chocolate coins to get you started. Over 250 people attended bringing a whopping $2,500 in for CanTeen.

Sail the Pacific. 25th November 2006. $1,000 - CanTeen
Captain Stubing and his wacky crew set sail across the Pacific aboard the Love Boat ... Hosted by the Captain of the Ship "Chris Vevers" and entertained by the fantastic "Big Boss Groove". Approximately 220 people attended bringing in a total of $1,000 for CanTeen.

Victory in Europe Day. 17th February 2007. $2,832.48- CanTeen & the Rotary District Drought Appeal
The glorious Albert Hall set the scene for a 1940s celebration of the end of the war. The fantastic music of the Blamey Street big band brought us the big band music of the forties. With over 280 people attending, this was certainly one of the all great Stomps... lets hope they continue to get better and better... . Approximately $2,800 was raised for CanTeen and Rotary's District Drought Appeal.

Rio Carnaval. 12th may 2007. $4,828.13 - CanTeen & the Australian Rotary Health Research Foundation
A cold Canberra winter suddenly became hot with a taste of Rio Carnaval in the magnificent Albert Hall. Our great Stomp friends Annie and the Armadillos provided fantastic entertainment, along with a fantastic Samba performance. All captured on Win Television, over 360 people attended providing new Stomp records in both numbers and money raised. Well done !!!

Swingin' Sixties. 1st September 2007. $4,000 - CanTeen & GROW
What a swingin good time we had at the "Electric Pschedelic Pussycat Swingers Club" baby - yeah !! With great entertainment from Big Boss Groove and our host with the mojo "Austin Powers" from Movie World (Gold Coast), this Stomp was just unstoppable. Over 315 people attended providing new profit records for our charities !!

Vegas Fever. 17th November 2007. $1,000 - CanTeen
Hubba bubba mamma, Vegas Fever put on a sizzling event featuring Elvis and his Las Vegas Showgirls !! This Stomp was a great way to complete three years of Stomp here in Canberra... ok, now can we have a rest ??

Roarin Twenties. 19th April 2008. $7,000 - CanTeen, Pegasus, Assistance Dogs Australia
What a night... Stomp created took us back to magical 1920's, with the Royal Military College Big Band, and the fantastic star appearance from Isabella and Vincenzo from Italy, ranked as one of the leading Swing dancers in the world. Money raised is a all time STOMP RECORD !! $7,000 profit was generated from both this Stomp event and includes profits from the bar at Jumptown's Fall Ball the night before.

Titanic Ball. 19th July 2008. $2,700 - CanTeen, Olivia Lambert Appeal
One of the coldest nights experienced, where we received (unconfirmed) reports of icebergs both port and starboard to our vessel throughout the night... The Albert Hall was taken back to the glorious days on board the RMS Titanic as she set sail across the Atlantic. Brilliant sound from the Spectrum Big Band, and hosted by the Captain of the Ship, Gerry Nyein from 1053 2CA. Numbers were down due to the cold conditions and clash of events took us to approx 180 passengers with $2,700 raised. It was noted that all passengers survived.

Eighties Ball. 25th October 2008. $2,000 - CanTeen
This was another fun night, with so many 80s theme routines like Thriller, Footloose, Blues Brothers, and The Wedding Singer. The Eighties was a fun time recreated on the night by over 200 people. Big Boss Groove again supported us with a brilliant Eighties sound, and hosted by the Wedding Singer, Gerry Nyein. Over $2,000 raised at an event that some referred to as the best Stomp yet !!

Cirque de Stomp. 4th April 2009. $5,800 - Victorian Bush Fire Appeal & National Breast Cancer Foundation
Cirque de Stomp really captured the exciting atmosphere of a circus in town.. the opening number was a hit with the crazy excitement of a circus gone crazy. Stomp was again well attended with over 220 people, and supported by prominent sponsors such as SMI Fitout, SMS, Oracle, and OPC IT. Can't wait for the next Super Heroes vs Super Villains Stomp !!

Heroes vs Villians. 5th September 2009. $8,000 - Pegasus Riding for the Disabled & the Rotary Timor Project
This theme really captured the imagination of many people who dressed in spectacular costumes, this event really did leap tall buildings in a single bound.. With an outstanding 300 people, and supported by prominent sponsors such as KAZ, SMS, Connexxions, Oracle, and Impact Comics.

Moulin Rouge. 21st November 2009. $2,000 - Tsunami Victims in Somoa, and the Rotary Timor Project
Really captivated the imagination of everyone there, costumes were spectacular, the opening number was better than most amateur theatre. Well done to everyone who helped create a fantastic night. With over 200 people, and supported by prominent sponsors such as KAZ, Connexxions, Oracle

Gangster Ball. 13th March 2010. $5,000 - Earthquake victims in Haiti
Incredible opening number, with a big band featuring Dan Barnett. First time we have run a dedicated "Latin room" in the bar room. Well done to everyone helping us to raise over $5,000 for shelter kits desperately needed for some of the families in Haiti after their terrible earthquakes. With over 300 people, and supported by prominent sponsors such as KAZ.

Winter Masquerade. 31st July 2010. $4,000 - The National Brain Injury Foundation
Beautiful Winter night for a wonderful Winter Masquerade, featuring BIG BOSS GROOVE. The "Latin room" was again a success, with a spectacular winter themed opening number including the wonderful Marko and Sharon from Danzon, and guest dancer Becky Lee (Lady Salsa) from Sydney. Well done in raising over $4,000 for the National Brain Injury Foundation. With over 280 people attending, Stomp is still going strong !!

Halloween - Murder on the Dance Floor. 23rd October 2010. $5,000 - Pakistan Flood Victim Appeal
Killer of a night, Albert Hall was converted into the haunted house, delivering a knock out opening number plagued with the usual walking dead including our featured dancers (zombies) Subsdance. Featuring In Full Swing. Well done in raising $5,000 for the Pakistan Flood Victim Appeal, with over 290 people attending.

Fairytales. 12th February 2011. $4,500 - Rotary Qld Flood Appeal
Albert Hall became a castle hosting a fairytale ball. With a Fairytale song by seven year old Amelia, and the recreation of the Mad Hatters tea party with the brilliant Marko and Sharon from Danzon. As well as Interstate dancers from Modus Vivendi (Sydney), Melina Ramirez and Scott Stuart (USA), Altitude Advanced Student Team (Sydney). Featuring the big band Connexxion and Annie and the Armadillos. Well done in raising $4,500 for the Rotary Qld Flood Appeal, with over 260 people attending.

Wild West. 14th May 2011. $4,000 - Rotary Japanese Earthquake / Tsunami Appeal
Scenes of a wild saloon, cowboys and cowgirls coming together to kick up a storm at one of the biggest hoedowns this side of the wild wild west !! Along with our own Mechanical Bucking Bull to add to the spirit of things. Featuring Who's Ya Daddy. Stomp raised $4,000 for the Rotary Japanese Earthquake / Tsunami Appeal. With over 220 people attending, 

Galactic Rebellion. 22nd October 2011. $500 - Rotary Japanese Earthquake / Tsunami Appeal
The Galactic Rebellion and the missing droids are being chased by the Lord Vader and the Imperial Storm troopers !! These are not the droids youre looking for.. Featuring Big Boss Groove. Stomp raised $500 with over 180 people attending. 

From Russia With Love. 11th August 2012. $5,000 - Cure for Cancer & Rotary international disaster relief projects
The first of an all Latin Stomp, recieved the support from the world Bachata Champions Nestor & Katrina, Jaime Jesus, and the Sydney LDA and Modus Vivendi professional performance teams. Featuring Allan Dantas, Sydney Latin DJ. Stomp raised $5000 with over 300 people attending.

Las Vegas, 13th July 2013. $10,000 - Pegasus and other Rotary projects
400 people attending and $10,000 raised. Supported by LDA and Modus Vivendi, MC was Nestor (2012 World Bachata Champion), Allan Dantas was our DJ, and the opening number featured the glamourous Subsdance Vegas showgirls.

Mythology, 26th July 2014. $10,000 - Greening Australia and Rotary International projects
Record attendance and funds were achieved this year, with over 400 people attending and over $10,000 raised. The best Stomp ever, supported by LDA and Modus Vivendi, MC was Nestor (2012 World Bachata Champion), Allan Dantas and Afro-cuban funk band Kooba featured in our Main our salsa/bachata/cha cha room with DJs Amit Zouk Sensation and KMotion in our zouk room.

Superhero Latin Fundraiser, 16th July 2016. $12,000 - Canberra Refugee Support and other Rotary projects
350 people attending and $12,000 raised. Supported by the world Bachata Champions Nestor & Katrina, and the Sydney LDA and Modus Vivendi professional performance teams. Featuring Allan Dantas, Sydney Latin DJ.